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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my billing information (credit card number, email address, etc.)?

Visit your MyCommerce ID area, and update your payment details there. If you don't have User ID and Password yet, click [Request Login/Password] there.

How do I cancel my subscription?

- Visit your MyCommerce ID area, and cancel your subscription there. If you don't have User ID and Password yet, click [Request Login/Password] there.
- Or contact Image2x developer and ask to cancel your subscription.

Where processed files are saved?

Processed files are saved in the same folder where source files are located. A postfix like "@2x" is added to new file names. Resulting files are always in PNG format to retain image quality.

Can I process a folder of images?

Yes, just drag the folder into Image2x.

Can I process photos?

Yes, though Image2x is best suited for drawing-like images. After resolution enhancement your photos may look slightly more like drawings, especially if noise reduction is on. You may want to switch it off when processing photos.

Can I activate Image2x on several computers?

Yes. Image2x is licensed on per-user basis, not per-computer. Contact Dmitry Kozhinov if you need to activate Image2x on a different computer.

Image2x is very slow.

Most likely you are processing a large, high resolution image. Image2x is intended primarily for small images, to make them larger without making them blurry. Image2x is using a pre-trained neural network to achieve that, and neural networks may be slow indeed.

Is image processing is performed on my device?

Yes. Your images are processed on-device, and not transmitted anywhere over the Internet. Neural network is working on your device, within the Image2x app.